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Pathfinder Executive Business Coaching & Consulting


Removing the interference that is preventing your potential from being translated into performance.


 Providing clients with countermeasures to problems.


 Management, leadership development, personal effectiveness, and operational excellence.


 Strategy management, teams, manufacturing simulations and lean manufacturing.


Pathfinder LLC,

Why We Do It

 My professional career and business and executive coaching spanning over 33+ years, working in 100+ locations with 44+ companies in 10 countries on 5 continents. Across all that time and all those organizations, I have observed that there is a tremendous amount of untapped potential in almost every human being and organization, waiting to be unleashed.


To help our clients increase effectiveness in their business and personal lives to levels far beyond what they believe is possible.


Transformed leadership thinking, resulting in breakthrough results and personal life balance for every client.

Core Values

Challenge, leadership, growth, understanding, enthusiasm, accountability, commitment, service.

Aaron Styles, Founder

“A person dedicated to relentless reflection, learning, and dynamic thinking will never reach a limit to their personal capability and effectiveness.”


Success Stories

“Although Aaron was our customer, he was focused on helping us succeed. He taught us Lean principles and methodologies in a way that was easy to understand and that we could apply by ourselves to other areas of the operation without his assistance. He was focused on the mutual success of both Bosch and Prettl. To that end, he identified actions that led to bottom-line results. He worked through language barriers and taught us Lean methodologies in a manner that was clear and easy to apply.”


Managing Director, KI Industries, Inc.


Annualized Cash Flow Generated


Minimum Productivity Improvement


Minimum Lead Time Reduction


Years of Experience


Companies Served


Locations Improved

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Pathfinder LLC helps individuals and organizations increase their effectiveness and productivity beyond what they think is possible while maintaining life balance through our business coaching & consulting solutions.

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