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Coaching: Improve Your Performance

Leadership Development – We can work 1:1 with individual leaders or work with entire leadership teams to improve leadership effectiveness in five “hard” categories (enabling effectiveness, modeling behavior, initiating action, setting direction, organizing systems) and five “soft” categories (physical wellness, social wellness, emotional intelligence, cognition, and spiritual wellness).  This work can be executed remotely or in person, or a combination of the two. 


Personal Effectiveness – We can work 1:1 or with groups to improve personal effectiveness in five “hard” categories (problem solving, time management, communication, learning skills, career skills) and four “soft” categories (stress management, creativity tools, emotional intelligence, listening).  This work can be executed remotely or in person, or a combination of the two. 

Organizational Effectiveness – How do I know if I have a problem with Organizational Effectiveness?  A huge warning sign is a great deal of interpersonal conflict.  Often this occurs when processes and procedures are either not defined or not followed.  This, in turn, can happen when roles and responsibilities are not universally understood (someone who does not understand that they are responsible for a process is unlikely to clearly define how that process should be executed!).  Often, Who is responsible for What is unclear because we don’t have agreement on what our goals are (if we haven’t agreed on a goal, it is unlikely we will agree who is responsible for achieving it!).  Finally, we often struggle to agree on goals because we have not gained alignment on our values and all of us have not made the values of the company our own.  We can work with your organization, beginning with your top officer, the executive team, then progressively through each level of leadership down to the individual contributor to create a seamless, visually-managed leadership system that continuously makes the following questions obvious to every employee of the company:  (1) What should be happening?  (2) What is happening?  (3) What is the difference between what should be happening and what is happening?  What can I do to correct it now?  (4) Did we win today?  (5) If not, why not and what will we do today so that we can win tomorrow?  (6) Are we set up to win tomorrow?  (7) If not, why not and what can we do today so that we will be set up to win tomorrow?


Change Management – Some organizations struggle to implement change.  Some organizations have gone many years without significant change, but now are faced with a situation calling for change.  In those kinds of situations, coaching in the area of Change Management can be the difference between success and failure.  We can help an organization assess their ability to manage change, then help craft and execute a customized plan to develop change management competency.  This includes determining the change style of key employees, assessing the leadership competencies needed to effectively manage change, and assessing the organization’s current overall attitude toward change.  We will teach and coach to the 10 components of change management.


Team Building – We have observed, on many occasions, companies throwing a number of people together and calling them a “team.”  Such a group may merely be a “collection.”  A team is only a team if they can work together to achieve a target result.  A team must have a leader.  That leader cannot be “leader” in name only.  That leader must have certain competencies.  The team members must have certain competencies, beyond the technical skills required of their jobs.  We can help by assessing the current condition of the team and the leader and crafting and executing a plan to develop the leader and/or the team (as needs dictate).


Facilitative Leadership – Facilitative leadership is a specific competency based on the work of a psychologist named Chris Argyris called Double-Loop Learning.  It is useful for any leader or individual contributor who works collaboratively with others, giving them useful tools for resolving conflict and increasing learning and organizational effectiveness.


Toyota Kata (Coaching Kata & Improvement Kata) – Toyota Kata is a specific methodology used to teach a beginner coach and problem-solver basic skills in coaching and problem-solver.  The Improvement Kata is an excellent methodology for achieving targets that have never been met before.  Using this methodology, the client designates one person as a “Learner” and another as “1st Coach.”  The Pathfinder Coach acts as “2nd Coach.”  The Learner is learning the improvement Kata while being coached by the 1st Coach while the 2nd Coach observes.  The 2nd Coach then coaches the 1st Coach on how to coach more effectively.

Consulting: Countermeasures to Problems

Lean Manufacturing – We can help you develop an exhaustive assessment and long-range strategic plan, just facilitate a one-week Kaizen event, or anything in-between.


Industrial Engineering – We can help you build a Standard Data system for engineered time standards, or just create a single standard for one job.  We can help you with the design of a greenfield Facility or just help you figure out how to fit your new assembly line into an existing building.  We can help you establish an exhaustive ergonomics improvement program or we can help you improve the ergonomics at a single workplace.


Logistics Engineering – We can help you with deployment of a complete Material Delivery System based on PFEP (Plan for Every Part) or we can help you design a single Supermarket replenished by kaban.


Functional Excellence – We can help you deploy functional excellence exhaustively in any of the functions listed on our Consulting page or we can help you with specific issues within one of those functions.

Training: Excellence & Effectiveness 


  • Management TheoryManagement Alignment

Leadership Development

  • DelegationDeveloping Others, Ethics, Emotional IntelligenceActive ListeningMotivationManaging Difficult SituationsPowerful Questioning

Personal Effectiveness

  • Decision-makingPractical Problem-solvingStress managementCreativity toolsEmotional intelligenceActive ListeningTime managementcommunicationlearning skillscareer skillsCognition


  • Team FormationValuing Differences (Personality Types, Change StylesLearning StylesReal Self vs. Ideal SelfGround Rules for Groups)Team Dynamics

Operational Excellence

  • Lean Principles OverviewLean Methodologies OverviewOverall Equipment Effectiveness

Workshops: Strategy & Teams

Strategy Management

  • Shared VisionStrategic Alignment & PlanningVisual Strategy Management with Mission ControlCultural AssessmentLeadership Assessment ,Change Management Assessment


  • Team Formation (Leadership Transition), Team Building Exercises (Pearl IslandStart/Stop/Continue)

Manufacturing Simulations

  • Flow ExerciseBeer Game

Lean Manufacturing

  • VSA/VSD (Value Stream Assessment / Value Stream Design)Practical Problem-Solving (using A3 or 8D)Generic Kaizen Event (small, rapid improvement)5S (sustainably organize a workplace)Creating Continuous Flow (create 1x1 flow)Creating Level Pull (create levelized production)SMED (setup reduction)Standardized Work (create work standards + standard working)Job Instructions (create detailed instructions for each process)MDI (managing daily improvement – visual management)Clear To Build (ensure components are available before scheduling)Shop Floor Management (multi-level management of standard vs. actual)TPM (Total Preventive Maintenance)DFM/A (Design for Manufacturability and Assembly)VA/VE (Value Analysis / Value Engineering)

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