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Brian McGovern

Manager Planning & Scheduling,

Thyssenkrupp Elevator Manufacturing

“I am in a better spot in my life and career because of the things I learned from Aaron’s coaching. Whether he is teaching/facilitating a team, or guiding a person through a problem solving activity, he always treats each situation with the proper balance of respect for people and systems thinking.


I feel like I am always learning when he is talking.  His engaging style of teaching tends to challenge people to think about things they have not previously considered and give them the confidence/tools to try something new.”

Justin Donaldson


Premium Illustrations LLC

“I was very fortunate to have the chance to be mentored by Aaron Styles. First in the context of relationship development, and then in developing a business of my own.

He is amazing at being able to ascertain and communicate the big picture principles that have enabled my relationship and company to flourish, and at the same time he has broken those principles down into the processes that drive success in everyday life. He was able to perceive the communication styles and personalities and guide us towards understanding each other in a way that continues to benefit our relationship and enable us to focus on the problems we are solving.

He draws from a range of world views and is able to recognize the patterns that underlie the systems we are dealing with. He cares deeply about both my business and the life I am living, and his advice is always peppered with wisdom about keeping both life and work in perspective”

W. Scott Culberson


Lean Practices LLC

Author of "Sustain: Extending Improvement in the Modern Enterprise"

“Aaron Styles perceives the key themes and principles in raging torrents of data, clearer than any I know. He wastes no discontent over who his teammates are not: Toward improvement, he just knows how to go to war with the ones he's got. He is principled, unruffled, undeterred, neither threatening nor threatened. He has been a true partner in the eight years I have worked for, and with him, across the full spectrum of Operational Excellence in business, industry, and service.

Aaron is a talented Industrial Engineer by education. More importantly, he is a system thinker by character, disposition, and relentless training. Because he understands that Why >> What > How, he rises past the stereotypical engineering syndromes that invent creative ways to confuse means with ends. This especially comes out in his development of groups as collaborating learners, not interchangeable kinetic resource herds, or assets to be exploited. Through mutual learning Aaron facilitates learners into doers and notable achievers.

The work we have done, on these principles, has equipped the beneficiaries to capture sustainable Return-on-Investment averaging over two-thousand percent, sustainably, by their own hands and minds. Wise practitioners like Aaron Styles achieve this time after time, because he knows how to do this through-for-and-with people, not to them. It is my privilege to call Aaron Styles mentor, expert, and friend in all that has to do with making enterprises – and the people who comprise them – successful.”

Jorge Pena

Production and Process Engineering Manger,

WET Automotive Systems

“Aaron is a very knowledgeable person in Lean processes. He has the ability to make you try new things and get convinced that what looks very difficult or impossible is actually not. He is a very easy person to work with and very professional.”

Dave Van Sloun

Vice President,

Americas Integrated Supply Chain Ingersoll Rand

“Aaron, has the knowledge and real world experience to be a hands on leader for lean manufacturing deployment and improvements. He does not act as a consultant but will partner with your resources to achieve results and teach your teams how to continue on their own. Well worth the investment.”

Jorge Laing

Managing Director,

KI Industries, Inc. (formerly Prettl)

“Although Aaron was our customer, he was focused on helping us succeed. He taught us Lean principles and methodologies in a way that was easy to understand and that we could apply by ourselves to other areas of the operation without his assistance. He was focused on the mutual success of both Bosch and Prettl. To that end, he identified actions that led to bottom-line results. He worked through language barriers and taught us Lean methodologies in a manner that was clear and easy to apply.”

Barry Rollins


OEM Tube

“Aaron is very well versed in Lean Manufacturing concepts. More importantly he is able communicate and apply those concepts to the needs of a particular company from initial fact finding and problem solving to final plant layouts.”

Roman Thomassin


3AComposites Core Materials (Formerly of Elster)

“Aaron was leading several of our improvement projects to implement Lean Manufacturing at Elster in various locations. He and his Team from Lean manufacturing Solutions are detailed focused, knowledgeable and goal oriented. Aaron was able to generate significant improvements towards one piece flow, balanced lines and inventory reductions. The very nice thing with him and his team is that they are not paper driven consultants but a very effective team to get things done that show instant improvements on the bottom line. I hope I will be able to work with Aaron in the future again and do wish him and his company all the very best.”

Bob Beldyk

General Manager,


“Aaron was instrumental in our turnaround at LISEGA. His dedication and knowledge surpassed our expectations. He has the ability to take complex systems, have complete understanding of them, and break them down for analysis and improvements. Truly a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Aaron for any CIP or LEAN initiative.”

Kenneth Stem

Co-Owner / Principal Consultant,

Manufacturing Transformation Group, LLC

“I truly enjoyed working with Aaron. His knowledge of Lean/Operational Excellence is extensive. But more than that he knows how to apply the concepts and make processes better. He has an exceptional ability to take a look at a situation and understand the problems and see potential solutions very clearly. He also has a unique ability to make what he finds clear and understandable. He is also very good with people and works hard to find common ground even in difficult situations. I count it a blessing that I worked with him for the 5+ years that I did and that we are good friends as a result.”

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